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The planned Excel Center, in Rochester NY will be a new, tuition-free high school for adults, that helps students complete their high school education and gain career credentials, launching participants towards success. 

 We understand that for many people, completing high school during childhood was not possible. The Excel Center meets adults where they are, providing life support such as free childcare, transportation and flexible scheduling, to ensure that all barriers to success are removed.  

With the help of Teachers, Life Coaches, College and Career Counselors, Social Emotional Support Staff, and accelerated scheduling, students can take advantage of a flexible, and rigorous program. 

We know that many students will come into the program with varying skills having been out of the classroom for some time. Our courses are designed to meet students where they are regardless of the number of credits that were accrued during high school. Students will progress through the program sequentially at a pace that works for them. The goal is not simply a diploma, but to develop the missing academic building blocks so that our students can fully explore their passions, excel within a future profession, and build more satisfying lives. 

While we await legislation, the first phase of the Excel Center, the Goodwill Learning Academy (GLA) is now open. This academy will serve as a bridge to the Excel Center, offering similar support and guidance. The Goodwill Learning Academy's primary objective this year is to provide barrier support to adult students, assisting them in choosing the right adult education program and ensuring their persistence through regular mentorship and goalsetting.

If you are an adult interested in a GLA coach, please visit the following link: Learn about GLA


Our Promise

Dear Adult,   

Two years from now you’re going to have a new life.   

It won’t be easy. Nothing is, but you will do it.  

The choices of your childhood do not define your life. We stand for complete restoration.  Not the equivalent of it, but your complete restoration. A chance to live the life that you were supposed to live. We are a program of second chances. And third. We believe in a better tomorrow. Your tomorrow.   

It’s time for a high school diploma. Your high school diploma.  

We are The Excel Center, a high school for adults.  

It’s time to finish what you started.

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