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Goodwill Learning Academy

Welcome to The Goodwill Learning Academy (GLA), a place where we are dedicated to empowering adults, to embark on transformative academic journeys and realize their full potential. At GLA, we understand that education is not a one-size-fits-all path, and that's why we've designed a comprehensive support system centered around our GLA Coaches to provide personalized guidance, resources, and empowerment.

Maybe you are an adult that did not complete high school?

Maybe you started but did not complete college?

Maybe you simply want to return to education.

The Goodwill Learning Academy is the place for you.

GLA Coach: Your Personal Guide to Success At the heart of GLA is the GLA Coach, a pivotal figure in our project who assumes a multifaceted role to help our participants succeed. These dedicated professionals offer personalized academic support, help individuals access vital services and resources, and collaborate on tailored education and employment strategies. They track participant progress diligently, providing continuous motivation and advice. Our coaches go the extra mile to foster connections between participants and potential employers or job training programs, and they even arrange transportation when needed. Our overarching aim is to dismantle barriers and empower participants to shape their academic journeys.

What We Offer: Your Path to Success At GLA, we provide a range of resources and services to ensure our participants, regardless of their educational background, have the support they need:

a) Coaching Sessions: Our participants benefit from regular one-on-one sessions with their assigned GLA Coach. These sessions focus on addressing barriers, setting goals, developing personalized plans, and tracking progress. Our GLA Coaches provide guidance and support tailored to the unique needs of each participant. 

b) Resource Referrals: GLA Coaches are dedicated to connecting participants with relevant resources, including adult education programs, vocational training, job placement services, financial assistance programs, and community organizations. We work in collaboration with adult education providers to ensure students remain persistent in their academic endeavors.

c) Skill Development Workshops: We organize skill development workshops and seminars to enhance participants' employability. Topics may include resume writing, interview skills, financial literacy, communication skills, and computer literacy.

d) Transportation Support: We understand that transportation can be a significant barrier for our participants. Where transportation assistance cannot be accessed, our coaches will provide transportation, ensuring that no obstacle stands in the way of success.

e) Health and Wellness: We believe that a holistic approach is key to personal growth and academic success. GLA offers regular health and wellness programs, including meditation, hiking, strength training, running programs, and more, to nurture the overall well-being of our participants.

Our GLA Coach is not just an academic mentor; they are a dedicated and compassionate professional who serves as a guide, counselor, and advocate for students' personal growth and success. The GLA Coach's role extends beyond academics, focusing on nurturing the overall well-being of students and fostering a positive learning experience. Through one-on-one interactions and group sessions, our coaches aim to empower learners to overcome barriers, set and achieve personal goals, and develop the essential life skills necessary for success in both education and life beyond GLA.

Join us at The Goodwill Learning Academy, where your academic journey begins with personalized support, resources, and a dedicated coach who will be with you every step of the way. Together, we'll empower you to achieve your goals and create a brighter future, regardless of your educational background.