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The Impact

by Robin Mitchell

So, what exactly is the Excel Center? 

Primarily, the Center is a workforce development program that allows adults to complete their high school diplomas. Starting in Indiana, in 2010 almost 10,000 adults without a high school diploma have gone on to graduate. This has resulted in a 31% decrease in programs such as the Healthy Indiana plan and has saved the state more than $10 million in public assistance spending. Last year more than 1500 students graduated from the Excel Center, 70% of whom earned either an industry certification or dual college credits. On average, these graduates now earn 39% more than before they started the program. 

In an article by Rachel Moehle, Nicole Castro explains it best, "I did okay with employment, I was able to hold down jobs while raising my children, but I always knew I could do better.” In June 2022, she completed her Indiana Core 40 High School Diploma, with transformative consequences.*

There is clear evidence that this type of program can be life-changing for adults, but to have it in New York, we must change the law so that adults over twenty-one can complete their high school education. 

We are entering a critical legislative session. The progress of this initiative has several hurdles. Still, we believe that with persistence and the community's support, and legislative support from Senator Cooney and Assemblyman Bronson, we are closer than ever to making this a reality for our city. 

Help us tell New York that it's time for legislation that supports this type of program: 

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The Excel Center in Memphis